Deploying iPads in the classroom is common amongst many institutions. Tablet Academy's education consultants have years of experience in assisting institutions to embed Apple products across the curriculum. Our expertise is not confined alone to iPad but also covers OSX products. As experts in both Office 365 and Google G Suite, Tablet Academy brings a wealth of expertise irrespective of which cloud service you have deployed alongside your Apple strategy.


Apple have always had a strong presence in education and products such as iPad set alight the mobile learning revolution. Our consultancy service is founded on years of experience supporting a range of institutions and is designed to help you create a clear strategy for your institution to ensure your programme transforms teaching and learning via a sustainable model. Teaching and learning consultancy covers both OSX and iPad products in education.
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Collaboration and Creativity

Mobile devices such as iPads and MacBooks removes the need for a traditional IT room layout and creates opportunities for students to learn and collaborate in new ways. Tablet Academy can support your institution to combine the mobility of the iPad with the power of cloud based collaboration environments such as iCloud, Office 365 or Google’s G Suite.

The iPad is the perfect tool to support creativity in the classroom. Tablet Academy have developed and delivered a wide range of creative projects from green screen studios to interactive museum guide e-books. As such our expertise can help your institution ignite the curriculum with creativity from 1-2-1 programmes to class-set deployments.


Teacher Training delivered by experienced educators
Our professional development services are delivered as practical, hands-on group training sessions, or one-to-one support (including co-teaching) which focus on the appropriate use of technology in the classroom. Delivered by experienced educators, a training programme is created in consultation with your organisation to ensure relevant outcomes are achieved. Tablet Academy trains an average of 12,000 teachers a year and courses are tailored to meet school's individual requirements. Both half day training (£400+VAT) and full day training (£675+VAT) sessions are available and they often include such modules as:
  • Office 365 on iPads (Teams, One Drive, Skype for Business, Sway etc.)
  • G Suite on iPads (Classroom, Drive, Docs etc.)
  • Introduction to using iPads in the Classroom
  • Delivering the Computing Curriculum on iPads
  • OneNote in the Classroom
  • Robotics and Programming
  • Using iPads to support SEN students
  • Plus much, much more...

Swift Playgrounds

Delivering the Computing Curriculum from your iPads
Apple have developed a very full computing curriculum with supporting resources and documents to enable computing to be taught from KS2-KS5 using iPads as the start to their journey. This will enable your pupils to start off as coders on iPads and eventually become app developers using XCode on Apple Macs. The courses for KS2 and 3 are currently being mapped to the National Curriculum but are ready to go out of the box and be taught in the classroom today. All the software and resources are FREE and it is an exciting and innovative way of teaching the computer curriculum for primary and secondary schools. Tablet Academy can provide Full or Half-Day training to introduce your teachers to delivering the computing curriculum using iPads and the range of free apps linked to the Swift Playgrounds. Training can be tailored to meet your needs and can cover the following solutions:
  • Swift Playgrounds app - suitable for KS2 & KS3
  • Learn To Code - teacher materials on iBooks with 45 hours of lessons, enhanced activities, grading rubric, keynote presentations.
  • Pupils create a journal of their coding journey using the Seesaw app (or others of their choice)
  • Swift app - KS4 & KS5
  • iTunesU course for all levels - Everyone Can Code
  • KS4+ - App development with Swift, iBook with 90 hours of lessons and instructor guide
  • Xcode - language is Swift - free download for students who want to develop apps using Apple Mac computers