Honour Remembrance Day 
in Virtual Reality

Give students an immersive experience to observe Remembrance Day this year!

Get a feel of what life would be like at battle in the trenches during World War I.
Visit the Essex Farm Cemetery in Ypres, the setting of “In Flanders Fields”.
Consider how current wars are affecting young people at a refugee camp and school in Lebanon.
Virtual Reality allows you to take students to places they could never dream of visiting to gain a deeper understanding of the world and ignite their imagination.
Between 5th - 14th November, Tablet Academy will be running a series of Remembrance Day focused Virtual Reality experiences.
The experience gives students a feeling of what life was like for soldiers in WWI, the scale of lives that were lost and how the history relates to modern life around the world. The intention is to bring relevance to Remembrance Day ceremonies and give students a better understanding of why it is so important to remember those who have lost their lives.
A Virtual Reality Experience consists of 30 or 60 minute sessions, which are repeated for multiple classes. In a full day, up to 10 sessions can be delivered, each session catering for up to 30 students. 
Price exclusive of VAT. 

Full Day


If you would like to bring a Remembrance Day Virtual Reality Experience to your school, please call 01952 567450, email info@tabletacademy-benelux.com or fill in the form below.