Learning Festival

A free event for schools showcasing the potential of Google for Education and Chromebooks in the classroom.


Discover how Chromebooks can be a fantastic tool in the classroom; not just for searching, writing letters and making presentations, but for creative projects designed to expand minds and engage students.

This event is designed to allow teachers to witness first hand how technology can impact their students' learning. Each school is invited to send one or two teachers and up to five students aged 9-13 years (Year 5, 6, 7 or 8).

During the event, the students will take place in a range of hands-on activities allowing teachers attending to observe and take part. The workshop is a great learning experience for students and the ideal scenario for teaching staff or senior leadership to evaluate new classroom technologies.



Analyse a piece of text then create a virtual reality representation.


Maths & Computing

Writing code to control robots from a Chromebook!



Create your own eBook using Book Creator.



Turn your Chromebook into a music making machine. 


Portfolio of Learning

Record all of the learning you have done and present it as an online portfolio of work.