Microsoft 365 Seeding Programme

Discover how Microsoft 365 can transform how you manage devices
and increase the adoption of cloud technologies in your institution.

Microsoft have teamed up with Tablet Academy to offer a number of schools a free opportunity to evaluate their current use of technology and pilot the latest Microsoft 365 powered devices in order to develop a three-year digital strategy.

Institutions or Trusts who meet the criteria will be entitled to free support from Tablet Academy in the form of our Transformation Programme (further details below).

The pilot phase of the programme is designed to allow your IT staff to explore how Intune can simplify their role and improve the user experience, whilst providing teachers and students the opportunity to use the latest 2in1 laptops that support touch and Windows inking.

During this phase, access to loan devices and Tablet Academy support is arranged with participating schools. These trial kits include 16 HP ProBook X360 Windows 10 devices, all managed via a demo Intune environment accessible by your IT staff for the duration of the project.

Once the Strategy is clear, we can support your organisation to explore device options starting from as little as £285 and if applicable, support your institution to claim £100 cashback (per device) when you trade in your old technology on the HP for Education programme.

The programme is only available to a limited number of schools who meet a funding criteria set out by Microsoft (available on request). Contact us if you would like to explore the possibility of delivering the Seeding Programme with your trust or institution.

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What is Microsoft 365 Education?

Microsoft 365 is the new licensing model available to schools which combines Windows 10, Office 365, Office Desktop Applications, Minecraft Education Edition and Intune for Education.

This new approach can revolutionise how you deploy devices using Auto-Pilot, manage your technology remotely with Microsoft Intune and increase adoption of the latest tools in Office 365 and Windows 10.

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New Affordable Windows 10 Hero Devices

With Microsoft 365, Intune device management and Office 365 your school can save money and simplify the use of technology.When managed with Intune these low-cost devices are built to boot up in less than a minute and users sign in once with their Office 365 account.


HP Stream 11 PRO G5  from £285

Drop proof design ideal for the classroom & an 11 hour battery life.


HP ProBook x360 11 G3 EE from £315

Drop proof design, Windows Ink, 2 cameras & 10.5 hour battery life.

Prices are estimates only and exclude VAT.                                            Discover how you can claim £100 cashback per device using the HP Trade In Programme 

Transformation Programme

The Transformation Programme is a process through which the current and desired use of technology across an institution is evaluated, and the resulting data used to assist in the creation of a holistic digital transformation strategy.

The evaluation phase provides an insight into how technology is currently used, whilst the pilot phase gives staff the freedom to explore new and existing technologies.

Drawing on information from the first two phases, a strategy is produced followed by a procurement process designed to reduce costs and establish a sustainable financial model.

You can download this information as a pdf by clicking here.


Free Training at the Microsoft Training Academy

Paddington, London.

For trusts, school groups, colleges or large institutions there is an opportunity to spend a day at Microsoft's office in Paddington with a Tablet Academy Educator to discover the 'Art of the Possible' with Microsoft 365. These workshops are ideal for instituions unsure of the benefits or those with the need to drive adoption amongst teaching staff.

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